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"Pianist Mark Dunn presents Melodic Voyage, his latest album of beautiful, solo piano songs that transport the listener to faraway realms of dream and imagination. Rapturous and inspirational, Melodic Voyage is a wellspring of creative harmony perfect for meditation or relaxation. Highly recommended, especially for connoisseurs of the genre."

- Midwest Book Review


Mark's composition "Tegucigalpa" appears on this special 10th Anniversary release by "Sounds from the Circle X 

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Mark Dunn's Debut  CD - 


"From the get go Mark Dunn's release is hot. You hear all that's good in the Philly jazz scene; eloquent writing and highly crafted performance that swings hard.  The release spans hard bop harmonies, to blues and ballads and a taste of Brazilian influence just for fun.  As you hear the first track, "Cousin Joe" I'll almost guarantee that you'll say to yourself, "What a great record!"

 If you like that east coast sound, this is a must have for your collection."


-Review by Chuck Miller, WRTI Jazz 90, Philadelphia PA


Solo piano interpretations of

15 classic Christmas melodies.

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"A wonderful sonic excursion that takes a Celtic Journey through Central America. A delightfully creative breath of fresh air, this work is built on things Dunn carried in his head for years looking for the right outlet to give them the proper voice. Filled with the passion that kind of responsability brings, the mix of modes and feelings will keep you engeged for the whole ride. A fun diversion that worldbeaters will love."

- Richard Bryce, Contemporary Music Review 

Greg Scott.jpg

Check out UK violinist Greg Scott’s beautiful arrangement and performance of Mark’s composition “Freedom’s Debt”. The track first appeared on Scott’s release “World By Music” in 2014, and a remixed version appears as the first track on his 2017 release, “Strings at Night,Vol. 1”.

"It's You"

A single for download only - A hauntingly beautiful melody, performed flawlessly on tenor saxophone.

Click image to listen to a sample. 

A compilation album, featuring music from Mark’s earliest jazz album, recorded in Philadelphia, and his Brazilian release, “O Principe Do Jazz Bossa Nova”.

A love song composed by Mark Dunn. Performed by the group “Ethiopian Lover” featuring Mark on vocals, piano and harmonica.

Highlights from Mark’s recording sessions in Rio De Janeiro, featuring some of Brazil’s finest studio musicians.

Check out Mark playing on

Jean Frye Sidwell's Album:

"Body and Soul"

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