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Mark Dunn grew up in Philadelphia, a city with a deep and rich jazz heritage.  Several of his close early musical relationships were with musicians who later became well known recording artists themselves, most notably jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkle.


Mark has performed for audiences around the world at five star hotel venues such as Ritz Carlton,  Hotel Intercontinental, Hyatt, Sofitel and Marriott, and has been contracted by Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival cruise lines, to perform on their most prestigious ships.


His extensive traveling has influenced his music greatly, which is evident both in his own compositions as well as the extensive repertoire of international classics he performs. Check out the beautiful "E Voce", Mark's own composition recorded in Brazil, set to the breathtaking backdrop of a Rio De Janeiro sky tour.  Mark's native tongue is English, but he's fluent in Spanish and Portuguese as well, and sings comfortably in all three.  He's also been known to learn songs in languages he doesn't speak, applying his unique process for learning lyrics, which often leaves the audience convinced he speaks their language.  Check out his version of the traditional chinese love song "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" on the "performance clips" page. 


Mark's pianistic style is melodic and mature, ranging from beautifully gentle and deep to fiery and aggressive at times. His vocal style has a simplicity and sincerity that draws in the listener, and his interaction with the audience is always warm and often intelligently humorous. Whether he's performing a classic by Frank Sinatra, one of Michael Buble's hits or a Cuban love song,  Mark is always both entertaining and tasteful.

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